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CNC & Mandrel Tube Bending

Precision Tube Bending is much more than just a name……the phrase represents what we have been doing for 57 years and a reputation unexcelled in the industry.  PTB is well known for bending the most demanding jobs. Tangent-to-tangent bends, without the need for extra straights between bends; bend radii as small as 1D (1 times the diameter of the tube); and bending thin wall tubing (eg 3 ½” OD X .012 wall).  PTB has achieved less than 1D bends!

  • Small Diameters starting at 1/32" O.D.
  • Large Diameters to 10" O.D.
  • Multiple Bends (tangent to tangent)
  • Hot Bending
  • Thin Wall Bending  (e.g. 3.5" O.D. X .012" wall thickness)
  • Tube Coiling (e.g. Heat Exchangers)


Catia, IGES, and other DPD downloads are supported.

No Model?  Send us your tube and we will “reverse engineer” it for you!

If you have an aerospace alloy that needs to be bent, PTB can bend it. Tube Bending of Titanium, Columbium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and High Nickel Alloys are PTB specialties.